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LCD Digital Microscope DIM-03

◎ Precaution
◎ Others
◎ How to use the PC/Measuring software

◎ Precaution Microscope, please read and understand the safety precautions described below.

■ Repair
Do not try to open the case LCD Digital Microscope or attempt to modify or repair. That may create the risk of serious accident, not only to be out of warrantee. Maintenance and repairs must be performed by authorized service providers.

■ Lithium Ion Battery
• Keep away the lithium ion battery from Children. In case of any misusage, seek immediate medical attention.
• Do not disassemble the battery pack or throw into the fire.
• To preserve natural resources, please recycle or dispose of the batteries properly.

■ Others
• Do not give high shock, short circuit. It may cause the defect.
• Do not use under extreme temperature change or conditions, humidity, dust.
• Do not open or disassemble the Digital Microscope.
◎ Others • This manual part or all right reserved without written approval of Alfa Mirage Co., Ltd.
• Product specification might change without prior notice.
• In no event shall Alfa Mirage be liable for any incidental or consequential damages that you may suffer directly or indirectly from use of this product. ◎ How to use the PC/Measuring software Manual for the PC/Measuring software for DIM-03