Corporate History

1966/April Ueno Music Academy is established on site of the Head Office.
1977/April Mirage Trading Co., Ltd. is established
Business Outline: Import and sales of gemstone. Manufacture the gemological instrument.
1987/April Sales branch is opened in Taito-ku, Tokyo.
1988/March Hotel business is started
1989/March The first hotel is acquired
1991/December Mirage building is built at the current address
Hotel Business Division and Industrial Instruments Manufacturing Division are founded.
1994/October Patent for Electronic Densimeter is acquired in Japan.
1996/February Management Hotels are are reached to 21 locations.
1998/August Capital is increased to JPY80,000,000.
2000/December Diamond Selector II has sold over 150,000 units.
2001/December Industrial Instruments Manufacturing Division is separated and Alfa Mirage Co., Ltd. is established.
2002/April The sales of electronic densimeter has exceeded 10,000 units.
2009/January Steam clearner is launched.
2009/December Alfa Mirage becomes authorized distributor of GIA (Gemological Institute of America Inc).
2011/November Precious Metal Tester GKS series are launched.
2012/February Electronic Densimeter MDS series are launched.
2014/April Olympus XRF gold expert is launched.
2014/November Quick digital thickness gauge MRG-25 is launched.